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Tuesday, April 4th 2006

3:09 PM

Results of Government Education

                                                   VISUAL PROOF OF DIS-EDUCATION!

What more proof do we need of our failing K-12 education system, than the visual media coverage of the so-called protests from illegal aliens and their supporters. Would we 10 or even 5 years ago, seen the blatant hatred of America by those here illegally and the ones either born here or legally here? The answer is NO! So why do we see this now? Do our teachers teach American heritage, culture and even our own language to OUR children anymore? Answer is NO! What is being taught is anything but what I have stated above. When day after day, our children are taught that their own country becomes less and less of a major learning process and in fact is hardly even mentioned in the positive, what we see is less respect and caring.

Teachers are being dictated as what to teach from the agendas of the United Nations and the Teachers Unions. By doing so, America's history, culture and language is made irrelevant! Again, proof has been before our eyes from the videos of foreign flags brazenly flying from criminals and traitors own hands. Along with signs virtually telling us the facts about their true agendas. Difference between what we have seen and being reported from the media in all arenas, is what we see isn't really what we are seeing. Even the so called conservative network lackies are reporting that there were more American flags than foreign ones in the protests. Oh really! So my eyes searching the scenes for American flags were darting back and forth searching, but alas only saw a few here and there, was really visual deceptions? In other words I better see an Opthamologist?

Our own children in the middle of this propaganda are trying to maintain the reality that this is their country and they have every right, even more so, to be showing that. They can't understand why they are being made out to be on the wrong side of this issue. Could you, if you were in their shoes in today's schools? I can't imagine knowing what I know from my education growing up and graduating in the 60's, how torn I could be having my teachers little by little degrade my country of birth. How after 12 years of this, could any child remain faithful with allegiance to their own country? Unless a child has strong parental control with remnants of true love of country, these children are lost. They know only minority rights, minority cultures, minority needs, minority disadvantages, minority histories and unless they are a minority, they are then labeled as an oppressor of all the above. Guilt is then brainwashed into them because they are either born into a non-minority household or are showing signs of having an independent mind.

We are a "REPUBLIC" not a Democracy! A Democracy is mob rule, which we are seeing from these protests, where only brainwashed, criminals or criminal supporters are showing up. On the other side, the children who have tried to stand up in their schools waving the American flag and wearing American colors, etc. are being made to be the bad ones. They might hurt the "feelings" of these minorities. Can you imagine what is going through the minds of these children who can't fathom that they are being told they are wrong in trying to stand up for the flag and colors of their own country? That the kids sitting in the classrooms next to them, speaking a foreign language and are probably here illegally, can do whatever THEY want? Can you just truly imagine how confused they must be? Can you also imagine how they will be the targets of the educators to bring them along into conforming? Can you also imagine that without these few children, the future to continue to have an America with all it's stated "rights and freedoms" will be gone? If you can and it scares you, you should be! Where have you been? Whether you have children in schools now or grandchildren or neither anymore, if you don't, by any means possible, help to put an end to this "DIS-EDUCATION" of our children, then what we are seeing by criminals, traitors and even our own elected representatives in all forms of government, America will be no more! SHAME, SHAME ON ALL OF US WHO CONTINUE TO STAY SILENT AND WATCH OUR CHILDREN BE BORN, TO BE MANIPULATED BY FOREIGN ENTITIES AND TREASONOUS REPRESENTATIVES IN ALL FORMS!

Jill Nicholson
(Permission to copy and reprint with credit given to the author)


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