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Monday, December 4th 2006

3:51 PM

John Bolton

What a shame that one of the very few who speak up for the interest's of America was basically thrown to the dogs.  Especially when no where in recent history dealings with the United Nations, not one past representative, ever defended America.  If anyone has doubts that the U.N. is nothing more than a pilfering, race hating, sexual predatorial, self grandising bunch of wackos, who want to control the world, then they are living in the ozone layer.  I scringe when I think who will replace John Bolton.  It's going to be a bumpy ride ahead.  Shame on Bush and Rice for not standing up for him stronger and more often.  I truly think we have absolutely no one in charge at the helm and this boat is sinking faster and faster every day.  Just when you think it couldn't get worse, well.........."to the moon Alice"!


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