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Tuesday, April 14th 2009

4:06 PM

Is Government Scared Of National Tea Parties? You Decide!

This is much more important to pass around in case no one has seen this yet,
it's been flashing on the ticker on Fox news & is a leaked report from DHS:

"Dept. of Homeland Security report warns law enforcement the election of an African American President; the economic downturn; may cause violence among "rightwing terrorists". Report says potential imposition of gun control laws; illegal immigration; same sex marriage; may provoke extremists to recruit and radicalize war vets for domestic attacks."

We need to flood our reps. and President and DHS with outrage about this report, they are evidently scared about people tomorrow with the tea parties. Trying to label those who protest against this government are threats to America. Yet when they protest, supported by tax payers money to
groups like Acorn, La Raza, etc. paying them to take off work and providing transportation, it is deemed as fabulous. This is blatant propaganda, preparing to indoctrinate those who are not informed who don't participate in issues, that those who do are now "terrorists". Yet when DHS sent out a
similar report in Jan. about the left, they did not refer to them as "terrorists". This is absolutely disgusting and I am furious. The overall message here is that the issues described above are going to happen and those who oppose any of it are SOL, because we will work to get you classified as "terrorists" in the ears of Americans and the rest of the world.

Tell me we don't live in an "Alice In Wonderland" Nation, when our all our own elected reps. who swore an oath to uphold the laws of our country and Constitution, are openly and blatantly committing TREASON, aiding, abetting and encouraging illegal activity, while Americans are crying out for them to STOP are being promoted as being "TERRORISTS"!!!!


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