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Sunday, April 19th 2009

1:47 PM

Alice In Wonderland 2009


Why does the left want so many illegal aliens infiltrating the U.S.? It's SIMPLE, their ideology does not work with Americans and those who come here legally from 1st world countries. They can only achieve THEIR goals with 3rd world mentality people and are being used as fodder to achieve their goals of having no discourse or repercussions from their continual flooding of their leftist agenda. They cannot win legislation from American citizens who are truly educated, come from generations of actual, dare I say it "PATRIOTICAL": Americans, who love and understand the HISTORY of our country from the viewpoint and understanding of our founding fathers.

We have been in previous generations, a properly educated citizen with much groundwork on our own history, culture, etc. It is easy to by pass this standard with newly arriving children of third world country people and with the children (aka-anchor babies) they come here to give birth to, so they have dibs on our social programs. These 3rd world country people do not comprehend our culture because the culture they have left is run by so much outward corruption that the left here, knows that they will bring this same mentality with them to want government taking care of them. They cannot comprehend that being responsible for your own destiny, is what our country stands for and offers. These people are used to having big government social programs supplying all their needs, except the need of ABSOLUTE FREEDOM!!!

So in essence they come with a mindset that they can have what we have, by taking with the aid of our elected representatives on their side. However, they are nothing more than working bees for the government in our country and they are rewarded by having the politicians promise them more social programs, more special needs and if they break the laws here, well, special classifications for them, will be, another notch in the leftists anti-American belt which they can count on for VOTES.

Who are the enemies of our own country through the eyes of our elected representatives, federal, state, local?

It is no longer the law breakers, those in power who commit crimes, Alcaeda, jidhasists, the thousands already here from 3rd world countries who are planning our demise and infiltration into our politics, etc., it is the following:

Those who are against abortion, illegal alien amnesties, more gun control, the education in schools against our own history, more government control, no accountability with our money , more taxes, more mass miss appropriation by paying back agendas to lobbyists & foreign governments, creating laws to control us from birth to death, dismantling the middle class & condemning capitalism & etc. & most of all our returning brave military, scares them the most (I could go on forever with this list).

Why do you think this special DHS report condemns Americans for THEIR condemnation of what the politicians are doing and proposing with legislation, treaties and E.O. (executive orders)? It is because we are AMERICANS and stand in THEIR WAY.

They count on us being intimidated by such a report. They count on us not wanting to participate with our voices and bodies to stop this TREASON. They count on us being FEARED BY THEM, BUT MOST OF ALL THEY TRULY FORGET THAT "WE ARE AMERICA", they are not, they ARE the true enemy, they are the ones scared!!!

If Government allowed legal immigration from 1st world countries these new citizens would assimilate and strive to live the American dream of individual responsibilites and not succumb to leftist growth & control of their lives. But, that is how we got to be the greatest nation, today, that is criminal in the eyes of our representatives and thus criminality has the upper hand and those on the side of law and order are the enemy. TELL ME WE DON'T LIVE IN AN "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" America?

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