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Sunday, April 19th 2009

1:47 PM

Alice In Wonderland 2009


Why does the left want so many illegal aliens infiltrating the U.S.? It's SIMPLE, their ideology does not work with Americans and those who come here legally from 1st world countries. They can only achieve THEIR goals with 3rd world mentality people and are being used as fodder to achieve their goals of having no discourse or repercussions from their continual flooding of their leftist agenda. They cannot win legislation from American citizens who are truly educated, come from generations of actual, dare I say it "PATRIOTICAL": Americans, who love and understand the HISTORY of our country from the viewpoint and understanding of our founding fathers.

We have been in previous generations, a properly educated citizen with much groundwork on our own history, culture, etc. It is easy to by pass this standard with newly arriving children of third world country people and with the children (aka-anchor babies) they come here to give birth to, so they have dibs on our social programs. These 3rd world country people do not comprehend our culture because the culture they have left is run by so much outward corruption that the left here, knows that they will bring this same mentality with them to want government taking care of them. They cannot comprehend that being responsible for your own destiny, is what our country stands for and offers. These people are used to having big government social programs supplying all their needs, except the need of ABSOLUTE FREEDOM!!!

So in essence they come with a mindset that they can have what we have, by taking with the aid of our elected representatives on their side. However, they are nothing more than working bees for the government in our country and they are rewarded by having the politicians promise them more social programs, more special needs and if they break the laws here, well, special classifications for them, will be, another notch in the leftists anti-American belt which they can count on for VOTES.

Who are the enemies of our own country through the eyes of our elected representatives, federal, state, local?

It is no longer the law breakers, those in power who commit crimes, Alcaeda, jidhasists, the thousands already here from 3rd world countries who are planning our demise and infiltration into our politics, etc., it is the following:

Those who are against abortion, illegal alien amnesties, more gun control, the education in schools against our own history, more government control, no accountability with our money , more taxes, more mass miss appropriation by paying back agendas to lobbyists & foreign governments, creating laws to control us from birth to death, dismantling the middle class & condemning capitalism & etc. & most of all our returning brave military, scares them the most (I could go on forever with this list).

Why do you think this special DHS report condemns Americans for THEIR condemnation of what the politicians are doing and proposing with legislation, treaties and E.O. (executive orders)? It is because we are AMERICANS and stand in THEIR WAY.

They count on us being intimidated by such a report. They count on us not wanting to participate with our voices and bodies to stop this TREASON. They count on us being FEARED BY THEM, BUT MOST OF ALL THEY TRULY FORGET THAT "WE ARE AMERICA", they are not, they ARE the true enemy, they are the ones scared!!!

If Government allowed legal immigration from 1st world countries these new citizens would assimilate and strive to live the American dream of individual responsibilites and not succumb to leftist growth & control of their lives. But, that is how we got to be the greatest nation, today, that is criminal in the eyes of our representatives and thus criminality has the upper hand and those on the side of law and order are the enemy. TELL ME WE DON'T LIVE IN AN "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" America?

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Tuesday, April 14th 2009

4:06 PM

Is Government Scared Of National Tea Parties? You Decide!

This is much more important to pass around in case no one has seen this yet,
it's been flashing on the ticker on Fox news & is a leaked report from DHS:

"Dept. of Homeland Security report warns law enforcement the election of an African American President; the economic downturn; may cause violence among "rightwing terrorists". Report says potential imposition of gun control laws; illegal immigration; same sex marriage; may provoke extremists to recruit and radicalize war vets for domestic attacks."

We need to flood our reps. and President and DHS with outrage about this report, they are evidently scared about people tomorrow with the tea parties. Trying to label those who protest against this government are threats to America. Yet when they protest, supported by tax payers money to
groups like Acorn, La Raza, etc. paying them to take off work and providing transportation, it is deemed as fabulous. This is blatant propaganda, preparing to indoctrinate those who are not informed who don't participate in issues, that those who do are now "terrorists". Yet when DHS sent out a
similar report in Jan. about the left, they did not refer to them as "terrorists". This is absolutely disgusting and I am furious. The overall message here is that the issues described above are going to happen and those who oppose any of it are SOL, because we will work to get you classified as "terrorists" in the ears of Americans and the rest of the world.

Tell me we don't live in an "Alice In Wonderland" Nation, when our all our own elected reps. who swore an oath to uphold the laws of our country and Constitution, are openly and blatantly committing TREASON, aiding, abetting and encouraging illegal activity, while Americans are crying out for them to STOP are being promoted as being "TERRORISTS"!!!!


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Monday, October 13th 2008

4:49 PM


If you ever had doubts abouting the saying "History repeats itself", read this:

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.  People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. 
Cicero - 55 BC

Note to candidates and ALL other politicians or government employees,  WE ARE A REPUBLIC, not a democracy.  WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION, not a globalist entity.  WE ARE NOT WELFARE to third world countries.  WE HAVE LAWS AND ARE EXPECTED TO ENFORCE THEM, not become an "apartheid" country, where there are two sets of laws, one for Americans & WILL be enforced, one for illegal aliens, politicians and corporate greedsters, where the laws will be ignored.

We are also a Nation where we still have the right to freedom of speech, contrary to the Democrats crying because truth is TRYING to come out about Obama.  His cohorts in liberalism would make the Taliban proud.  Starting with his upbringing and where he was schooled and by the way, JUST WHERE WAS HE REALLY BORN AND WHERE IS HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE?  You and I know that if the shoe was on the other side, the media would be screaming to produce it 24/7.  Racism?  Who is the racists?  Obama's campaign, Obama's Democrat party cohorts, that's who?  Everyone in McCain's camp is too scared to EVEN bring up race, their even too scared to ask the questions about his past cohorts who are nothing more than Marxists and anti-American. 

Obama's explanation of why he doesn't stand and or respect our American flag or wear a pin, I'm just paraphrasing here:  (our national anthem is about bombs, etc it should be changed to something more mellow;  too many people around the world don't like us so wearing the pin and etc. may make them mad)...HUH?  Where does this guy come from and how is it he's surviving so far for this office?  Have we totally lost it and our education system has kicked in to the left totally taking control to socialize our country?  The proof is in the pudding when you listen to them, when a microphone is in front of them, no common sense and disgust for their own country.

SOCIALISM, MARXISM, COMMUNISM, just a vote away!!!!!

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Friday, March 30th 2007

4:14 PM


WARNING!  WARNING!  This has to be the mantra to all Americans.  They are at it again and trying to shove another amnesty, "guest worker" program down our throats.  Please, please fellow citizens, speak out NOW and take it from Nancy Reagan, "JUST SAY NO"!  They can call it anything they want and they do, but it is still a huge road to further destruction of America remaining, America. 

I have seen for myself as each year goes by the media reports the polls about this topic and each year, the poll numbers in support of amnesty grows while the side against amnesty gets smaller.  Don't you see that the media complicity in this, is achieving their goal, patience and rhetoric from the pro side politicians and media outlets.  While the anti side has less and less an outlet to speak up against this abomination of rewarding illegal behavior to foreigners who hate us and only want what we have. 

You can compare this to the giving up of the land that the Israeli's built and nourished, with the Palestinians now in despair with their fruit of gaining this land, but cannot continue those accomplisments that the Israeli's achieved.  That land is now being returned to despair, such will be the case if we continue to keep silent and not demand that this does not happen with ANY illegal alien amnesty.  Don't take my word in referring to their "take over", this is the illegal alien and their supporters own goals from their own words.  These are not illegal aliens coming here to assimilate as in past.  They are coming here to remove us and then reap the land WE built.  If you don't think this can't happen because it sounds too far fetched, check out the history of Mexico where they themselves destroyed that great country and turned it into two classes where they are now exporting their un-educated and criminal elements here to do the job of stealing America, without firing a so called shot (except for their criminals who ARE literally firing shots, stealing, raping, driving drunk to us)! We have enough of our own criminals, we don't need to import more!

My fellow Americans, I know you hear over and over this same mantra, but IF each and every one of us keeps on the road we are now with many voices remaining silent, then, I can guarantee one thing, ONE DAY VERY SHORTLY YOU WILL SAY TO YOURSELF OR SOMEONE WILL SAY TO YOU,  DID YOU DO ANYTHING TO TRY AND STOP THIS?  DID YOU CALL, WRITE OR GO TO A RALLY AND PARTICIPATE?  OR DID YOU SIT BACK AND SAY, WELL, THERE'S ENOUGH ON OUR SIDE AND ONE MORE WON'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  



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Monday, December 4th 2006

3:51 PM

John Bolton

What a shame that one of the very few who speak up for the interest's of America was basically thrown to the dogs.  Especially when no where in recent history dealings with the United Nations, not one past representative, ever defended America.  If anyone has doubts that the U.N. is nothing more than a pilfering, race hating, sexual predatorial, self grandising bunch of wackos, who want to control the world, then they are living in the ozone layer.  I scringe when I think who will replace John Bolton.  It's going to be a bumpy ride ahead.  Shame on Bush and Rice for not standing up for him stronger and more often.  I truly think we have absolutely no one in charge at the helm and this boat is sinking faster and faster every day.  Just when you think it couldn't get worse, well.........."to the moon Alice"!


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Sunday, December 3rd 2006

3:47 PM

A Question of great concern!

Pretty soon we will see what those in our elected offices on the hill, try to jam through because they were thrown out of office and or because of their continued disloyalty to Americans.  After the new representatives enter in the arena, will they try to shove an amnesty bill through?  I think the sentiment by common sense, says, yes.  However, there were a number who got elected because of their opposition to passing an amnesty legislation.  Will we see, that again they lied to get elected or will, maybe, by some miraculous awakening, they return to the old days of working for Americans and America?  That is the question and this time WE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.  "AMERICA FIRST, PARTY SECOND"!


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Tuesday, April 4th 2006

3:09 PM

Results of Government Education

                                                   VISUAL PROOF OF DIS-EDUCATION!

What more proof do we need of our failing K-12 education system, than the visual media coverage of the so-called protests from illegal aliens and their supporters. Would we 10 or even 5 years ago, seen the blatant hatred of America by those here illegally and the ones either born here or legally here? The answer is NO! So why do we see this now? Do our teachers teach American heritage, culture and even our own language to OUR children anymore? Answer is NO! What is being taught is anything but what I have stated above. When day after day, our children are taught that their own country becomes less and less of a major learning process and in fact is hardly even mentioned in the positive, what we see is less respect and caring.

Teachers are being dictated as what to teach from the agendas of the United Nations and the Teachers Unions. By doing so, America's history, culture and language is made irrelevant! Again, proof has been before our eyes from the videos of foreign flags brazenly flying from criminals and traitors own hands. Along with signs virtually telling us the facts about their true agendas. Difference between what we have seen and being reported from the media in all arenas, is what we see isn't really what we are seeing. Even the so called conservative network lackies are reporting that there were more American flags than foreign ones in the protests. Oh really! So my eyes searching the scenes for American flags were darting back and forth searching, but alas only saw a few here and there, was really visual deceptions? In other words I better see an Opthamologist?

Our own children in the middle of this propaganda are trying to maintain the reality that this is their country and they have every right, even more so, to be showing that. They can't understand why they are being made out to be on the wrong side of this issue. Could you, if you were in their shoes in today's schools? I can't imagine knowing what I know from my education growing up and graduating in the 60's, how torn I could be having my teachers little by little degrade my country of birth. How after 12 years of this, could any child remain faithful with allegiance to their own country? Unless a child has strong parental control with remnants of true love of country, these children are lost. They know only minority rights, minority cultures, minority needs, minority disadvantages, minority histories and unless they are a minority, they are then labeled as an oppressor of all the above. Guilt is then brainwashed into them because they are either born into a non-minority household or are showing signs of having an independent mind.

We are a "REPUBLIC" not a Democracy! A Democracy is mob rule, which we are seeing from these protests, where only brainwashed, criminals or criminal supporters are showing up. On the other side, the children who have tried to stand up in their schools waving the American flag and wearing American colors, etc. are being made to be the bad ones. They might hurt the "feelings" of these minorities. Can you imagine what is going through the minds of these children who can't fathom that they are being told they are wrong in trying to stand up for the flag and colors of their own country? That the kids sitting in the classrooms next to them, speaking a foreign language and are probably here illegally, can do whatever THEY want? Can you just truly imagine how confused they must be? Can you also imagine how they will be the targets of the educators to bring them along into conforming? Can you also imagine that without these few children, the future to continue to have an America with all it's stated "rights and freedoms" will be gone? If you can and it scares you, you should be! Where have you been? Whether you have children in schools now or grandchildren or neither anymore, if you don't, by any means possible, help to put an end to this "DIS-EDUCATION" of our children, then what we are seeing by criminals, traitors and even our own elected representatives in all forms of government, America will be no more! SHAME, SHAME ON ALL OF US WHO CONTINUE TO STAY SILENT AND WATCH OUR CHILDREN BE BORN, TO BE MANIPULATED BY FOREIGN ENTITIES AND TREASONOUS REPRESENTATIVES IN ALL FORMS!

Jill Nicholson
(Permission to copy and reprint with credit given to the author)


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Tuesday, March 21st 2006

8:00 AM

Message to Nevada Representatives

March 21, 2006

This rap lyric is dedicated to our Nevada Representatives:

John, John, Shelley, Jim and Harry,
Your not listening to we the people and it's scary!
We know, you know, that we know you know,
A guest worker program is nothing but a shill!
But you ignore us and support illegals still!
For this election coming in 06,
You need to hear us and listen to our fix!
Secure the borders, fine the business,
No guest worker program,
You better listen to us!

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Tuesday, March 14th 2006

9:00 AM

Tony Blair's Message about America

March 14, 2006

Tony Blair:

In case we find ourselves starting to believe all the anti-American sentiment and negativity about our government and its policies, we should remember England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair's words to his own people.

During a recent interview, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain was asked by one of his parliament members as to why he believes so much in America. And does he think America is on the right track?
Blair's reply -- "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... and how many want out."

Today, March 14, 06 on Lou Dobb's show, a piece was done about the storm from open border activists that showed openly the disdain for America's culture, let alone America's laws. The group is called the National Alliance for Human Rights and the head is none other than Professor Armando Navarro. His group organized the protest in Chicago last Friday where their demands are for "expanded rights for illegal aliens". No, I am not making this up First of all I didn't know they had special rights to begin with, let alone getting those expanded. What they want is to totally defeat ANY legislation to put ANY damper on illegal immigration control.

Navarro claims they would be willing to accept for "now" a "true amnesty". Mind you that is only their first demand, of course it's all in the definition of the word "true" and what it means. Long term however, they are pushing for "unlimited" jobs for foreign workers (meaning people who sound and look like them) in the United States. They want a radical shift to socialism.
Maria Anna Gonzales, also of the same organization, says, quote "It's a shift where in other countries, everybody is eating. Where everyone has a place to live. Where everyone has a right to go to school. Maybe we need to look inside ourselves as a nation and maybe we need to start adopting another system. Call it whatever you want, but the current system of capitalism, ain't working for all."(end)

The group also said it's discussion on what action it will take "if" laws pass that will toughen penalties for illegal aliens and the companies that hire them and improving security along the border. They will also implore the Mexican government to do it's part to improve the lot of Mexican people.

During their press conference the word "racism" only was spoken during their Spanish portion. During the English portion they never used the word "racism". Gee, sounds familiar with their most recent tactics, of showing the American flag more in their protests, of course still flouting their home countries flags.

This group is going to Mexico to draw support from the Mexican government, the Cuban government and the Bolivian government and lobby them to stop any laws passed by "OUR GOVERNMENT TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS AND CONTROL ILLEGAL ENTRANCE INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Let me respond with these thoughts, they want our form of government to convert to the form of government from the countries where THEY come from. Now, logical thoughts would provoke this question, if the form of government is so good from the country they came from, why in the hell are THEY coming here. Where in THEIR home country does everyone have food, a place to live and schooling for everyone. Here in America, we have a choice of all of the above, depending upon our own individual responsibilities and goals. What a contradiction from Ms. Gonzales that she says "the current system of capitalism, ain't working for all". It's quite apparent that it is, otherwise SHE wouldn't still be here. What she really is saying is that she wants more people like her to come here so they can change our demographics into whatever foreign country she comes from and SHE will feed, house and school everyone of THEM, at the American people's expense. THEY want blatantly to get rid of our form of government so THEY can control a failed country's policy, from where they originally came from.

You know the old saying, give an inch and they take a mile? These illegals and their advocates are out and out traitors and treasoners of the United States of America. THEY WANT NOTHING MORE THAN POWER FOR THEMSELVES AT THE EXPENSE OF EXPLOITING THEIR OWN ORIGINAL COUNTRYMEN.


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